Our Story

Born and raised in North Carolina's textile region, James Carvalho began his career as a marketing assistant for a small cut-and-sew factory. This hands-on operation allowed James to experience all facets of the industry, from manufacturing to sales. The globalization of the industry in the late 90's led James to cultivate strong relationships with foreign factories and introduce textile products for some of the nation's largest retailers. In 2021, the textile entrepreneur expanded into fashion and launched his Miami-based fashion line, Carvalho Couture.

Carvalho Couture is a bold, print-based lifestyle brand. Inspired by James’ approach to dressing his young daughters, think preppy chic meets globe-trotting - the brand is noted for southern sensibility with global influences. Clothing that combines classic styles with colorful, modern prints. Optimistic, bright, and often unexpected.


All that matters is to live life and be - to use all the crayons in the box